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Sign Olivia Quot Quot Pie Week Quot Petition

Well, Olivia ongoing in Congress, and she taking a petition with the. Oh, and if she gets 10,000 signatures, he going to dive into a giant cake, just for you. Olivia Munn by Congress, co-host of G4TV Attack of the Show! Hello everyone, I m cable TV Olivia Munn and no secret that I love cake. Last Friday, we were besieged by viewer e-mail saying that it was National Pie Day - and I think. It no secret that Olivia Munn loves cake, which is why he outraged that the dessert container is only one day of celebration, aptly named the National Pie Day. A declaring an entire National Pie Week, and you can be one of the people who sign off on it. Check out the text of the petition below: A: U. S. Why are we celebrating god gift to man alone for 24 hours? Why not do it for a week? Today m calling it - is official National Pie Week!.
28.1.09 08:54

Miley Cyrus Quot I Quot M An Iron Maiden Fan Quot

But the star is firmly convinced that it is actually a follower of British metal - and is not t only wearing the garment to look cool.. The star of Hannah Montana was found wearing an assortment of rock T-shirts in recent months, including a tee Iron Maiden on Saturday (17Jan09). Pop sensation Miley Cyru devastated critics who branded her a poser of heavy metals from wearing T-shirts, insisting that it is a true fan Iron Maiden.
28.1.09 08:54

The Original Gossip Girl

Celia Rivenbark is having a dozen interviews at the time, one after the other. Its part of a handful of events that in and around Wilmington throughout the year.. Although this remarkable southern author is often reserved for high-profile speeches across the Southeast, it is a low-key signature in his hometown. Shes nestled in a picturesque corner to and, with the exception of today, usually quiet Two Sisters Bookery in downtown Wilmington.
28.1.09 08:54

Benjamin Button And Valkyrie Premiered Digitally At Berlin

Bratt Pitt traveled the red carpet at the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, accompanied by Angelina Jolie, and the day after Tom Cruise was the parade, a few meters away. The film made its European debut on screen January 19. The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, the movie is an adaptation of a short story of F. Pitt is playing the main role of a man aging backward. Scott Fitzgerald. The popular Hollywood star visited the German capital to promote their new film. It was presented at the CineStar digitally theater in Potsdamer Platz, in the three halls at the same time.
28.1.09 08:53

Elton John

But Argentine Javier Gonzalez commentator said yesterday: Christina always VIP waiting. The pop legend, 61, is said to have hit the roof when the President CHRISTINA KIRCHNER pushed their private chat, for five hours. SIR STROPPY Argentine dignitaries ELTON JOHN stunned by snubbing their president after he held him. It appears that is so much a diva as Elton John.. He then left for Chile, instead of waiting for the meeting re-scheduled for Friday after his concert in Buenos Aires.
28.1.09 08:53

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